Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Begins!!

I am on our deck, dog barking, neighbors screeching, as I write this.

I am not in Ohio.

Summer has sprung!

May I recommend:

Cava with Strawberries
a recipe.

1 strawberry, green-ness ripped off, quartered
1 wine glass
Cava or Prosecco. Or Champagne. Nothing expensive.

Place the strawberry into the awaiting wine glass. Do this while wearing lipstick and high heels, or while imagining yourself with lipstick and heels. You are so sophisticated and smart!

Pour the bubbly atop the berry, into the glass, and wonder at the bubbly-foaminess of it.

Carry the glass, in your heels, to a warm and summery, preferably breezy, location. One of great comfort (no, not your bedroom - let's think private garden of serenity and zen), one that intensifies that feeling of elegance and peace. If there is no other location than your deck, with maple twirls and leftover-from-winter-debris, Drink Anyway. Soon, you will arrive at that garden. Soon, especially if you have more than one glass, you will find yourself. Elegant. Sophisticated. Lipstick and heels, no matter what you're wearing.


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