Thursday, March 7, 2013

A new direction

I am a dreamer, a planner, a researcher.  I collect recipes, cookbooks and ideas for meals fervently.  I am always stashing away a little gem of information for just the right time.

I am a bit of a perfectionist.  I have trouble creating a plan for tomorrow because I'm so busy trying to figure out how to make today perfect.

Menu planning is something I have trouble with.  I am usually satisfied when I get up from the table after a meal, but that satisfaction feels far away when I'm going over the menu in my head... especially when planning something for days away.

I'd like to keep a record of meals here; nothing formal, just a list really.  Something I can look back to when I'm trying to remember what tasted good this time last year.  We'll start with last night.

A Veg-Focused Burger Dinner
for a (cold but) sunny Wednesday in March

Griddled spicy black bean veggie burgers with smoked havarti
on sesame-seeded toasted egg buns
with shredded red leaf lettuce and sliced salted tomato,
topped with homemade avocado-ranch sauce.

Spiced sweet potato wedges.

Broccoli salad from the grocery deli - our favorite, with raisins, cashews, bacon bits.

Homebrewed Irish Red on draft.

Later, standing in the kitchen, a few spoonfuls from a pint of Mitchell's Edmund Fitzgerald porter chocolate chunk ice cream.  One of the greats in NE Ohio.


Procurement/prep notes:
- Veggie burgers from Heinen's frozen section, griddled on cast iron, flipped, coasted to done in the oven.
- Avocado ranch (aka goddess) sauce was the highlight - from the sweet potato recipe in The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook, meant as a dipping sauce for the potatoes.
- Used coconut oil on the sweet potatoes for the first time - smelled delish in the oven.  Annoying to melt it first though.  Spices on the s.p.f's were really nice - smoked paprika, garlic powder, chipotle, and pulverized rosemary.

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