Monday, March 11, 2013

Fridays in Lent = Carbs + Cheese

Pub dinner at home

Cheddar, Beer and Mustard Pull-Apart Rye Bread made with homebrewed Irish Red and wholegrain flour (impressive, indulgent, and addicting).
Big salad with vinaigrette.
Variety of homebrews: Irish Red on draft, year-old Bock in bottles, just-carbed Mexican lager.

For dessert, a few yogurt-covered raisins with dry Irish Stout on draft.

Procurement/prep notes:
A valient attempt was made at improving the healthfulness of the pull-apart bread: 
 - The dough calls for mostly all-purpose white flour with a bit of rye.  I used about 1/3 of the total quantity rye flour, 1/3 white whole wheat flour, and 1/3 all-purpose white flour.   This made a slightly sturdier loaf with a nice texture, took just a bit longer to rise, but instead of easily shoving most of the loaf down our throats, we were full when the loaf was half gone (fiber makes you full quicker).  Will definitely do this again.
 - Cabot makes a lower-fat cheddar that works really well in mac & cheese and other ingredient-type applications.  Couldn't find the 50% lower-fat block I usually buy.  Settled for a highly suspect 75% lower-fat cheddar which was actually fairly good.  (I'd use the 50% block though, if I find it next time.)
 - I doubled the (Coleman's) mustard powder in the filling and used hot paprika instead of sweet.  Perfect amount of mustard zing and warm spice.

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